BataAfrika (PVT) LTD was discovered in 2017 and it was in cooperated in 2020 in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a young 21st Century company that offers Visual Communication Designs and Information Technology services.

The company has discovered a unique and strategic way of idea conceptual which resulted in delivering high value visual designs to its customers – Nafasi, Valbest Properties, Veesimtech Enterprises

In today’s world, technology is evolving at a faster rate than most of corporates or businesses in Zimbabwe. There is a need to adapt to those changes in today’s dynamic digital environment to be competitive, as BataAfrika (PVT) LTD we are there to close the gap in offering cutting edge technologies in advertising, branding and identity designs, IT services and equipment.


To be a leading driver in providing digital designs and information technology infrastructure and services. 


To create and provide design elements, technology equipment that will enable businesses or corporates to communicate and be competitive in the digital world.

Core Values

Creativity | Integrity | Quality | Teamwork | Innovation | Communication